"Vital-Orbit" ™ Actual Human Force Field

Recent advancements allow for the development of this world altering device.

Channels users own Hydrodynamic activities to project a spherical charge armament against all material bodies and organic compounds. Unintended matter undergoes total magnetic reversal (a process called "negativism").

Prevents conflict. Protects life. Personal actualization. Ultimate privacy.

Octavio Coleman Esq. has understood the potential of hydro-magnetics for decades, while military science and conventional scholarship / media continue to surpress this revolutionary data.

Product is composed of a hip / waist apparatus with 4 inch injectors under self-conducive iron barbells placed in the upper groin wrapping around to the lower-back (small) with simple interface and controls.

Let's take a closer look at the notion of a psychic force field. Much of the early lab work done on psychic activity, back in the 1950's and 1960's dealt with the idea of a developed mind being able to generate a "ring" of energy around themselves, purely through the power of their mental focus of conviction. The Soviet Union, both before and even during the cold war, was studying the possibility that a group of psychics might be able to construct a field of protection so wide and dense, that it would have military grade purposes.

Any objective evaluation of the tests done on psychic phenomena in a laboratory setting on a large scale basis have shown an incredible body of evidence to support that we do ABSOLUTELY posses amazing, life changing psychic skills as a human race. From remote viewing experiments done by the C.I.A, to the random number generator tests done at Princeton University, to the incredible body of work produced by the Rhine Institute and far, far beyond - there is a wealth of facts that support the notion that human beings have incredible, untapped psychic skills that can be DEVELOPED and practiced much like playing the piano, or a good jump shot on the basketball court can.

Most scientists and parapsychologists who study PSI ( the scientific name for the study of psychic phenomena) will tell you it appears to be an evolving skill. This means that it can be improved upon, both as individuals, as well as a species. The next great evolutional development in human beings will be in these very realms.

The Vital-Orbit reduces these basic tenets to a demonstrable formula by harboring hydro-dynamics multiplied by intention (aquatic/thought). It is proven, time tested, bonafide. Acquire yours today at the Jejune Institute, after undergoing the free initiation workshop.

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Original scale drawings of Vital Orbit

Featured in Omni Magazine, June 1981