Products and Services

What the Jejune Institute is most celebrated for today is the many advanced technological products and services they have brought to the global marketplace. ╩Through the use of metaphysics, mind sciences, and other nontraditional systems, the Institute has developed an astonishing array of patents, all of which are designed to actualize the latent untapped capabilities of the human species.

The Jejune Method

Acquisition and use of these products are all part of a comprehensive program designed for interpersonal embetterment; The Jejune Method. ╩This method addresses the subject on all scales; microscopic to macroscopic. ╩On the macroscopic side, these products encourage general deconstruction of social modulation, resulting in a heightened probability for civic mutation.

Institute Laboratories are attempting to antisystematically increase creative inspiration in the public sphere, to isolate visionary civic leadership, and to replace accepted truth within the networks of thought. ╩Might there be dangerous unintended consequences to such societal experimentation? ╩The answer is: not worse than existing conditions, by far a stretch.

What then are the best strategies for this civic mutation? We've delved deeply into audiovisual fusion, semiotic and historic reconstruction, interference of cultural communique, remanufacturing atomic discontent, and all manner of what have you. Clearly the most effective method we've found to date is through the conductivity of ╩Juvenescence. ╩All personal expression contains an almost metaphysical nucleus, and if this nucleus is isolated and exposed to light of day, the health and reproductivity of the surrounding elements can be astounding. Not to mention the cognitive effects it can have on exposed human subjects. ╩Through the Jejune Method╩we have the opportunity to stabilize the species.

Through the use of these products, coupled with meditation and study of spontaneity, benefits will include surging artistic libido, energy swell, dialectic perception, and neighborly conduct. "If the mutation is to occur it needs to be personally initiated, consciously brought about" says Octavio Colemen, Esq. "It happens on an intimate scale, in a thousand miniscule ways."

The Anomorata Pyraglyph, South America

Juvenescence, or 'Pop Conductivity' (Artists Rendering).

Algorithm: Early Prototype