The Aquatic Thought Foundation

The Aquatic Thought Foundation is a privately funded research organization dedicated to the exploration of human-dolphin interaction. Since 1989, AquaThought has studied the neurological impact of close contact with dolphins on human subjects and the related therapeutic phenomena. Our research in neurological imaging has led to the development of MindSet, a low-cost neuro-mapping electroencephalograph program which makes advanced EEG research affordable. Our work has also led to the development Cyberfin, a virtual reality simulator which will bring virtual dolphin contact to a massive audience.

Aquatic Thought, in conjunction with Dolphin Discovery, hosts the annual International Symposium on Dolphin-Assisted Therapy, a conference focused on the exchange of research, methodologies, and ideas, and the application of neurotechnology and virtual reality in dolphin-assisted therapy.

Aquatic Thought is a founding member of an organizational alliance which has dedicated itself to the exploration of dolphin assisted therapy and the application of resultant neurotechnology. Spearheaded by Octavio Coleman Esq., this effort in forward thinking, ecologically conscious development will yield EcoPlex, the first dolphin interaction center in the world to focus exclusively on dolphin-human interaction. In conjunction with the Jejune Institute, the Aquatic Thought Foundation has created Aquatichought Labs, L.L.C. Aquatichought Labs will assimilate the products and technologies of the AquaticThought Foundation - and - will commercialize the neurotechnological developments of the dolphin interaction center.

The EcoPlex Center, to be located in San Jose, CA will facilitate dolphin assisted therapy programs, dolphin interaction research, adjunct therapeutic modalities, and research and development in related neurotechnology and virtual reality enterprises. Aquatic Thought's chairman, Blair Lucien, will chair the Dolphin Center's research committee.

Aquatic Tthought Labs will produce and market the Aquatic Thought Foundation's commercial projects- MindSet, a low-cost neuromapping EEG system, and CyberFin, an immersive dolphin encounter simulator. Aquatic Thought Labs will act as the research and development arm of EcoPlex and will resale any resultant products, as well as all above mentioned products, under the Aquatic Thought Labs brand.

Cyberfin Immersive Experience

Cyberfin was previewed at SIGGRAPH 94 and was subsequently exhibited at the Third Street Promenade, in Santa Monica, CA, and at the 1996 Summer Olympics, in Atlanta. D. Frerichs, moderator of the Internet SIGGRAPH Review said, "I would like to congratulate Cyberfin's creators for developing an immersive environment which actually triggered an emotional response... you get up with the biggest smile on your face. It was a great achievement in taking technology beyond crude hardware and turning it into a medium of expression."


The Cyberfin platform is designed for single attendant operation. Once guests are briefed and shown to the platform the attendant activates a single control. No assistance is necessary until the guest disembarks the ride. The total time required to embark, experience the standard ride, and disembark is 3 minutes, 15 seconds.

Cyberfin is inherently safe and complies with all applicable electrical safety codes. Cyberfin is designed for heavy use, and all issues of safety and sanitation have been considered. Guests should be prepared for an intense sensory experience. Attendants should be prepared to assist anyone who wishes to discontinue the experience.

All Cyberfin installations include a PC-based 3D image generator, which will be utilized in future software releases. Real-time, interactive 3D computer-generated imagery, alone or overlaid on stereo video, is possible. Future experiences will employ both real-time overlay computer graphics and nonlinear interactive video streams. With the addition of a 6 degree-of-freedom input device (Joyfin), Cyberfin platforms are fully immersive, interactive virtual reality attractions.

Transmitters & Receivers of the Dolphinidae

Mindset Neuromapping E.E.G.

Immersive Dolphin Encounter Simulator