The Algorithm

Seven questions are all it takes to change the world.

We all have heartbreak, and pain. Misunderstanding. A well developed sense of injustice. It pervades the landscape of human interaction. When studied, we find that most of this is based upon the slightest of misunderstandings. A lost word or inflection can completely alter the context of a conversation, taking the course of interpersonal communications forever off track.

But what if there were a little voice that could correct these misunderstandings as they were happening? Like a keen eye to see through the fog and get to the heart of the matter? Like the most skilled of mediators, who could address what is truly being said, and what remains unsaid?

This is the function of The Algorithm. It is a small mobile device that travels with you wherever you go, for both business and pleasure. And when conflict arises, as it most certainly will, The Algorithm is there to intervene and right the potential wrong before it even takes place.

Imagine the impact upon your personal relationships, romantic life, and career path. What it can do for an individual can also be performed for a group of individuals; organizations, businesses, governments! The rise of this product may put many a lawyer and military defense personnel out of business. And we wouldn't want it any other way.

How does it work?

The Jejune Institute has developed this revolutionary handheld device housing a system which utilizes a complex mathematical code. The device asks the users 7 Core Questions, and each party has a chance to answer honestly, in one minute or less. The system records the answers to a digital audio file, where it is then transcribed via voice recognition software to a data file. That file contains not only the given answers, but also the inflections and tone with which they were spoken. Then The Algorithm goes to work, almost instantaneously providing the best possible outcome. This resolution is not only what is best for each of the participants, but more importantly what is most just for the world at large. So, the answers given by The Algorithm look beyond immediate private interests, and directly to the humanitarian, utilitarian end. And this way justice is ultimately served.

The Algorithm recognizes 38 different key categories of conflict. Every single argument or war can be easily placed into one of the categories. Through continued usage a database is able to record the scores of individuals and groups, reporting the "karmic performances" of past conflicts based upon honest reporting by other users. This way The Algorithm is able to make stronger, faster, and more educated decisions. Each mobile device communicates directly with a central server over a proprietary satellite network. Driving the central functionality & mechanics of the server is an uber-rare spessarite quartz crystal that is embedded within. It is the interplay between the complex software code of the local device with this numinous server-side crystal that produces consistently divine results to all.

What are the 7 core questions?

  1. Who is in conflict? (Who are you?)
  2. What is the basis of the conflict (i.e. what is at stake?)
  3. Why do you feel you are right in this instance?
  4. What can you concede to your opponent?
  5. What does this conflict remind you of personally?
  6. What does this conflict remind you of in the world, currently or historically?
  7. How are you willing to change?

This unique technology has been under continued development for over twenty years, reaching a near state of perfection. Based upon continued research and testing, 98% of users agree that they and the world are much better off because of their continued use of The Algorithm. Here at the Institute we are both thrilled and proud to launch a product that is destined to change the course of human evolution. Available now for pre-order among Society members.

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